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Keys and codes

Keys and codes

Request for codes

A frequently asked question is: "Can give me the code of my safe because I lost it, forgot it, or - as you might have guessed - it is in the safe!." Fortunately, in several cases these codes can still be supplied by the manufacturers.

How to request a code?

By completing the application form in full with details of the safe model, key number and serial number, we might be able to get the code from our suppliers.

The requested codes will be supplied by fax or e-mail to our dealers. Applications by individuals can only be considered if they are accompanied by copy of a valid ID. Delivery time will usually be several days.

Request for keys

We often get questions about supplying extra or replacement keys. In some cases we are able to supply the key with details of the key number, for others we will need an original to copy it from.


Which lock


According to model

Cilinder key according to number


Consul, Royal, Sun, 

Cilinder key according to model


Chemical cabinets, SLN, SLA, SLR, SLP, Lloyd KC, Lloyd CB, lockers, Cashbox, Cashbox Basic

Drilled key short, according to model or number


Royal, Safeguard, Sun

Double bitted key short, according to model


PT, Jubilee, MLP, Vector, MP, STD, Kassakluis For 30, Vector Keysafe, PT A, 

Double bitted key long, according to model


BT, VC(O), Defender (klasse I en II), Prisma, Combi-Fire, Dera archiefkasten, Lloyd, MDK, Köln, Wuppertal, Berlin, Data Protect, Data Protect Plus, Praag, Solingen, MVO, AMT, AWS, AMS, BMT, BWS, Technomax, Neutron Star, MVO deposit, KSB

Double bitted key, according to model


Lampertz S100

Double bitted key, according to model


Lampertz S/SE

Cilinder key Medeco by number (set of 2 pieces)



Key lock Medeco (incl. 2 keys)



Double bitted replacement keys FAS (set of 3 pieces)


Robur deposit, DRS Pro, CM, DWS, EWS

According to key number

Please fill in the key requesting form and e-mail this to the e-mail address below so we can process your request for new keys.


The keys will be sent as soon as possible. Please keep into account that this might take a few days. The costs of the key can be different, depending on which model the key is.

Our dealers will receive an invoice for the keys and shipping costs.

Please note: For customers it is obligated to include a form of ID with the request for keys and codes. The shipment will be sent after the pro forma invoice has been paid.

According to model
For our dealers- When the key can be made according to model, the original key must be sent to us in a firm envelop. We will make a copy of the original key and sent both keys back to you. The shipping costs will be shown on your invoice. Please fill in the key requesting form completely and send this, along with the concerning key, to the address below:


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