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Insurance rating

Insurance rating

Cash rating

This term indicates the amount of cash the insurance underwriter will cover, if stored in the safe. It is assumed that the cash is stored in a burglary resistant safe in an uninhabited, unguarded and unsecured property within an urban area and bolted to a suitable floor or wall. Depending on the security measures in place at the property, insurers may deviate from the coverage indicator.

Tip: Always check with your insurance company that they agree with the cash rating value for the selected safe as several circumstantial factors can affect the cash rating in a positive, as well as in a negative way.

Euro Class

A European standard has been developed to rate standard models of secure cabinets. According to this standard, a safe has to be tested by an independent test laboratory. In these laboratories experienced engineers will work on the safe to try and open it. The results their efforts are then converted into a resistance value. Factors such as time and tools are  taken into account and based on the testing results, a safe will be classified in a certain resistance class.

Burglary resistance certificate according to EN 14450, ESSA, ECB-S (Security Level 1 and 2)

These European standards are based on the results of tests defined in EN 14450 and EN 1143-1.EN 14450 is the standard for burglary resistant light boxes and are suitable for low risks. The certificates S 1 (€ 2.500 / UK £2.000) and S 2 (€ 5.000 / UK  £4.000) are shown on a label on the inside of the door. These are also called Security Level 1 and 2.

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