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Blast resistant products

Blast resistant products

Panzer Blast Proof Doors BT

Our Panzer Blast Proof Doors BT are built in highly efficient design by means mixture of high-1uility steel and reinforced concrete.

The BT1, BT2 and BT3 series are swing doors with lateral hinges to allow opening from in-and outside. The doors are tested in the laboratories under real conditions and simulated calculation by LS-Dyna and certified that they resist a shockwave from up to 9 bar / 130 psi till an explosion pressure (reflected pressure) up to 28 bar / 406 psi.

The doors can be equipped with an additional emergency door which is operated from both sides.

Panzer Blast Valves

The Panzer Blast Valve cover the whole range of applications. The Valves are designed to be suitable for 650-3000 mm wall thickness with optimal air flow and high resistant of blast including the rigorous corrosion resistance.

High efficient shape of the gouge elements of the Panzer blast valve guarantee over 9000 m3/h flow inwards and 6000 m3/h flow outwards at pressure drop of 300Pa.

The Valve is tested with multiple nominal peak reflected overpressure of 41 bar.

Panzer Wall Sleeve

Panzer Wall Sleeve is a specially designed wall passage for electrical cables in various diameters. It is commonly used in shelter construction characterized by blast resistance and gastight solution. The modularity is the most important advantage of the Wall Sleeve.

Panzer Wall Sleeve provides a corrosion resistant sealing for a wide range of cable gland sizes. The diameter of cable can vary from 6 to 62 mm. The cover plates are designed for various sets of cable glands but can be customized as well.


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