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Pharmacy locker system

Pharmacy locker system

With the pharmacy module, the pharmacist can place the medications in the locker wall and then the customer can pick up the medications at any time. This makes the pharmacy available 24/7 for picking up medications, but does not require the pharmacy to always be open. 


When dispensing medication, it is crucial that the process is error-free. For this purpose, a link is made between the locker management system and the pharmacy management software. 

Stocking by the pharmacist

The pharmacy staff scans the prescription with a handheld scanner with display. This runs a web application for stocking the lockers. The pharmacy management software then transmits the relevant prescription data to the locker management system. After this, the locker management system will display a list of available lockers. The free locker is selected and then opened. The prescription is placed in the appropriate compartment and the locker management system sends a message to the pharmacy management software that will include the prescription barcode and pickup code. This ensures error-free stocking because the scanned prescription is linked to the opened compartment.

Pickup by the customer

A message is then sent to the customer that includes the pickup code. Upon pickup, the customer can scan (QR code) or key in (PIN code) the pickup code at the locker wall. The system recognizes the code and will open the compartment for the customer after which the medications can be removed from the locker. The locker management system then reports to the pharmacy management software that the medications have been picked up. 

Taking out uncollected prescriptions

If the medications are not picked up in the specified time period, the pharmacist can remove the medications from the locker again. Through the terminal on the locker management system, the compartments can be opened and the uncollected medications taken out. When the pharmacist opens and removes the medications, the locker management system will notify the prescription location that the medication has not been picked up.


It is not desirable that just anyone can access the locker management system. For this purpose, the locker management system can optionally be linked to a sliding door that keeps unwanted members of the public away from the locker wall. The customer can also open the sliding door in front of the locker wall with the collection code used to retrieve the medication from the locker. This allows the customer to pick up the medications safely and without the weather.

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