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Pick up & drop off

Pick up & drop off

Receiving and re-issuing packages can often be time-consuming for a front desk. Many operations are required to properly handle an internal package logistically. This costs time and money.

With our Pick Up & Drop Off solution, you can use lockers in combination with smart software to have packages delivered or received. The person you want to hand over a package to does not have to be present right away. Ideal because there is no need to wait for each other to hand over the package.


Delivering a package is simple. The courier arrives at the terminal of the locker wall and finds from a list the person or department for whom the package is intended. Then an empty compartment is assigned and the package can be stored in it.

The person for whom the package is intended receives an e-mail or SMS message indicating that a package is ready. The addressee can then go to the locker wall at a desired time to pick up the delivered package. The message sent also states until when the package can be picked up. If the addressee does not pick it up on time, he will receive a reminder. 


The administrator can set a maximum time for a package to occupy a locker. When this time has passed, the administrator receives a message that a package has been in the locker too long. The administrator can choose to free the locker and ensure proper handling of the packages. The administrator can log in remotely to provide support for (user) problems and perform administrator tasks. If desired, reports can also be generated.


Collecting the package can be done in various ways. For example, this can be done with a pickup code (pin code), QR code, bar code or a fixed tag/badge.

At the terminal, the recipient identifies himself and then gains access to all packages ready for that person.

Emergency release

When the power supply is suddenly interrupted and the lockers are no longer connected to the terminal, it is nice if the staff can still access their belongings. For this purpose, the emergency unlocking function has been developed on the smart lockers. 

General Data Protection Regulation

The software on the smart lockers complies with the GDPR legislation. Personal data are only exchanged if they are really necessary in combination with the software.

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