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Product release

Product release

The smart lockers can be equipped with the product dispensing module. This enables you to provide your employees with needed company resources hassle-free and quickly. You save on personnel and maintenance costs and gain insight into the use of company property. In addition, the system provides more continuity and ease of use.

With the product dispensing module, you are able to provide your staff with tools, logistical resources and company clothing in an automated way 24/7. The automation allows you error-free recorded lending and taking back of company assets. With the Plexiglas doors, it is immediately clear to the user whether the desired item is in the locker to be opened. 


The locker management system can be linked to the personnel administration. This allows each staff member to log on to the terminal after which the required tools can be selected. When the tool is returned, it can be indicated whether there is a defect or if maintenance is required. 


By recording the user history, employees feel more responsible for the product used. This results in fewer defects and lost products within the organization. 


The administrator can log in remotely to provide support for (user) problems and perform administration tasks. If desired, the administrator can also create reports. For example, the lifespan of products can be monitored and lockers can be temporarily blocked for maintenance of the material they contain.


There are various ways for users to log in to the locker systems. These include using a PIN code, RFID scanner (tag/badge from the access control system) or a facial recognition or iris scan. For added security, these methods of authentication can also be combined, so that, for example, an employee must always use a PIN code and tag to open a locker. 

Emergency unlocking

When the power supply is suddenly interrupted and the lockers are no longer connected to the terminal, it is nice if the tools can still be removed from the lockers. For this purpose, the emergency unlocking function has been developed on the smart lockers.

General Data Protection Regulation

The software on the smart lockers complies with the GDPR legislation. Personal data are only exchanged if they are really necessary for use in the software.  


Product dispensing lockers are often equipped with charging points for tools/PDAs. If desired, an extinguishing system can also be incorporated into the compartments. This will go off when it gets too hot in the locker in case of fire.

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