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Vending locker system

Vending locker system

As a business owner, you want to serve your customer 24/7 with the most efficient use of staff. With the vending module, you can now sell and/or rent products to your customer 24/7. You can think of selling flowers, daily groceries or renting out home care equipment. 

Sales and/or rentals can take place via the website of the locker management system owner. The customer then receives a pickup code by mail or SMS. This allows the customer to enter/scan the code on the terminal after which the ordered products can be retrieved from the lockers.


The vending module can be linked to the owner's website. In this case, the customer pays via the webshop and picks up the paid products at the locker. The manager can also choose to make the payment via a payment terminal in the locker wall. The customer then orders through the webshop and makes the payment when picking up the ordered products.

Optionally, the entire sale/rental can be made through the locker wall. The customer can select the desired product on the terminal in the locker wall and pay directly after which the locker with the ordered product opens. The order is immediately processed in the owner's system.


At the terminal, the collector identifies himself with a pickup code such as a pin code, QR code or bar code and can then select from all the products that are ready for that person.


In the case of rentals, there is also the possibility of placing detection rails in lockers that allow the administrator to be sure that the product has been returned and the rental is complete. Furthermore, the administrator can log in remotely to provide support for (user) problems and perform administrator tasks. If desired, reports can also be created.

Emergency release

When the power supply is suddenly interrupted and the lockers are no longer connected to the terminal, it is nice if staff can still access the lockers. For this purpose, the emergency unlocking function has been developed on the smart lockers. 

General Data Protection Regulation

The software on the smart lockers complies with the GDPR legislation. Personal data are only exchanged if they are really necessary in combination with the software.

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